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Attorney ( Advocate )

Phone number: (976)- 99098671

Email: buyantogos@lrcm.mn

Ms. Buyantogos  has law degree ( LLB and LLM ) from School of Law, National University of Mongolia. She specializes in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, direct foreign investment, mining law, insurance law and employment  law.

She is over 10 years’ experience in the legal field in Mongolia.  Beginning of her legal work career she was a tutor at one of Mongolian law college, prior to the incorporation of the firm, she has worked as a  senior attorney at Mongolian branch of   International law firm  with  accomplishments which includes successful representation of an international cell phone service company for bid of one of Mongolian cell phone operator; writing of a  legal opinion on the Concession Law related to a railway project; successful completion of the Mortgage Agreement worth of US$ 2M and the registration thereof; and successful completion the Mortgage Agreement and the registration of a five star hotel in Ulaanbaatar.  She has worked on numerous agreements and contracts including share transfer agreements, mineral license transfer agreements, loan or mortgage agreements,  escrow agreements for the establishment of joint ventures, mining service contracts but to name a few.



Attorney ( Advocate )

Email: info@lrcm.mn

 Ms. Enkhgerel  has law degree ( LLB  ) from School of Law, National University of Mongolia and studying master at the East China University. She specializes in private international law, land law, real estate and property law, construction law and civil and administrative litigation.

She is  10 years of experience in the legal fields of the public and private sectors in Mongolia.

Beginning of her legal work career was a Senior Lecturer at one of Law School. Prior to the incorporation of the firm, she worked for the Judicial Council of Mongolia as a Researcher was responsible for drafting and assisting in formulating legal policies and related researches of Mongolian new judicial system and  as a Senior Attorney at international law firm, head of legal department of Mongolian biggest group company where she provided advisory services on the area of corporate finance, contract negotiations, review and draft various commercial contracts, set up Joint Ventures, subsidiary and foreign investment companies in Mongolia, and made a lot of legal due diligence work, involved civil and administrative litigation at all level courts.